Corte Buona means passion for Italian food; 
an ancient story of craftmanship  
and conviviality that takes its origins
in Italy.

Passion for tradition

People take memories with themselves together with tradition and knowledge, overtaking the limits of time and space, and creating durable connections.

The Corte, the Italian Farm Courtyard in the Italian tradition, was the place where people used to live together, forming a small community, where they closely worked together to provide for all that was needed.

It is right here that these connections grew in the centuries. 

It is right here, in the Corte, that the creation and manufacturing of Italian charcuterie started.

The perseverance in breeding animals, the passion for raw material processing, sourcing the right ingredients and respecting the right timing to mature the deli meats are the pillars of the art of manufacturing truly Italian iconic charcuterie.

Since the early 1950s, Corte Buona blends the typical rurality, craftsmanship and conviviality of the traditional Italian Corte with the special flavors and authenticity of its charcuterie products.