Prosciutto Italiano

Prime European meat cuts, treasured Italian product made in our Italian factory in Parma valley with authentic recipes.
Cleaned by hand with a knife and seasoned by the Marino breeze.


Our award winning Culatta, made with national meat, cured and aged in the traditional cellars in which also culatello matures.

The boneless heart of the leg is salted and massaged by hand. Culatta is not cased: one side is covered by the rind, whereas the lean part is covered with pork lard to maintain the softness of the meat during minimum 10 months of maturation. With its natural shape, its vivid red slices and its very intense and typical scent, our culatta offers you the experience of tasting a tender, sweet and refined deli meat.

Coppa Italiana

This is the typical Coppa from the Emilia region, prepared with expert balance of spices and aromas, cased and matured for long time in the cellar.
The regional typical recipe bestows a particularly intense final aroma and a mild balanced taste to this product.

Genoa Salami

It is the salami made from the traditional authentic Italian recipe. It starts with the selection of the best pork shoulders and a trimming followed by manual cleaning. The mixture is finely ground and processed with an accurate dose of aromas and spices, which give it that balanced and sweet flavour.

Calabrese Salami

This salami comes from the Calabrian tradition, typical of Southern Italy. The mixture is prepared with red chillies to give the salami a very distinctive spicy note.  

Spianata Romana

A Latium specialty which provides an extra fine grinding of the meats, then mixed with large pieces of lard. Once it is cased, the mixture is then pressed to give it its particular crushed form. The taste is sweet and round, with a very delicate scent.

Hot Spianata

The traditional Spianata salami from Calabria.
After the meat is ground very finely and mixed with lardons, chilli pepper is added to give the salami the spicy note typical of southern Italian regions. 

Fennel Salami

Typical Tuscan salami with a coarse grain and a genuine and authentic flavour. It has an unmistakable fennel aroma given from the fennel seeds used in the recipe.

Mortadella Italiana

It is a gastronomic specialty from the Emilia Region with a quality meat mix cased into a natural bladder and cooked slowly. It has ancient origins: the Archaeological Museum of Bologna keeps two stones dating back to the Roman period: one shows pig-rearing, introduced to the Bolognese area by the Celts in the XV century, while the other shows a butcher using a mortar (from which the salami takes its name) to crush the meat and spices together.

Roasted Ham with Herbs

Slow processing and delicate cooking enhance its flavour, giving it a strong aroma and a good softness. It has a soft rosey color with stronger shades in the muscules, a sign of quality of the meat used.

It is also distinguished by its intense scent, a delicate inviting taste, with distinctive spicy notes.