Let’s try it on your own!

Corte Buona proposes you some  
easy-to-made recipes with charcuterie:  
let’s try them at home!

A perfect charcuterie board

There are several ways to praise the tastiness of Corte Buona deli meats: whether eat them alone or use them in a recipe, you won’t be disappointed.
Just open a tray and let be inspired! 


Charcuterie could be reimagined as ingredients to enrich any recipe, may it be an appetizer or a main course…whatever comes to mind!
Our recipes are always easy to make and don’t require much time, but thanks to just the right pairing with the right product, dishes will always be gourmand and appetizing!
Prosciutto Crudo, Salami, Mortadella… well, there’s really an embarassing wealth of available options when it comes to Italian charcuterie, one of our most important gastronomic excellences. We tried them all, and they do make each and every serving unique and original. 

Let’s see some recipes!